March 24, 2009

Slow down part 2

Bits and parts of my day with Alanna try and keep up. Its written the way I hear it. It all flows together and NEVER stops. Just feel lucky I didn't give you a play by play.

I want lunch, its 7:00 in the morning you should refer to it as breakfast, what?Breakfast, but I want lunch.OKay what do you want for lunch, oatmeal.Okay oatmeal, what?OATMEAL, oh.

What are you doing?I am making you oatmeal, what?OATMEAL, you know the thing you asked for lunch, oh.

What are you eating?I am eating an egg sandwich.Whats an egg sandwich?Its egg, cheese and toast all put together, why?Beacause its good.Why?Because I like all the flavors together.Why?Why what?Why do you like the flavors together?because they taste good, oh.

With me so far?

Are we going bye bye today, yes.Where?To the drs because you are still complaining your ear hurts.But it doesn't hurt anymore.Well we are still going to get it checked out, why?Because I would rather be safe than sorry later, why?Because having sick kids is no fun.why?Because all you guys do is cling to me and cry.I don't cry because my ear doesn't hurt.Well we are getting it checked anyway, why?(Insert rolling of the eyes and walking away, FAR away)

Wheres Ben?Sitting right in front of you on the floor, oh I didn't see him.Whats Ben doing?Alanna look at him he is playing with his toys, why?Because he likes his toys and he is having fun.I like my toys too.I know.How do you know?Because you tell me.Why?I don't know because you never take a breath and like to talk about anything and everything and if you are not talking you feel incomplete.Whats incomplete?OKay its nap time, why?Because in my world you are driving me nuts but in the real world its 1:00 and if you do not take a nap you will not survive until 1:15, why?Love you and good night, night mommy I love you too.Night Lala.

Mommmmmmyyyyyy I'm hungry.OKay you can have an apple for snack, why?Because apples are healthy and you like them.Oh, how you get these?I bought them at the store when we went last week.Why?Again because you like them and they are healthy and they were on sale.Oh.

I don't like ham, yes you do,why?Because whenever we have ham you always eat it, why?Because it tastes good,why?Because the pig it came from was a tasty pig and he told the farmer to send him to us because you like ham, oh!Oh McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-oooo, and on his farm he had a pig, wait a tasty pig, with an oink oink here anywhere anywhere oink oink old McDonald had a farm (and it goes on and on and on and on untillll)Do I like salad, yes, why?Because your tummy says its good.My tummy not sick anymore, no its not, why?Because its better and you can keep your food down, oh!I like salad, I know.

Mommy?What?I love you, you my best friend, Thanks sweetheart, I love you too.Do you love daddy?Sometimes, what?YES, yes I love daddy, do you love Ben?Yes I love Ben, Do you love Hannah?Yes I love Hannah, do You love grandma Donna?Yes I love grandma Donna, do You love Papa?Yes I love papa, do you love the other papa?Yes I love the other pap and TiTi too, do you love Grandma Jan?Yes I love grandma Jan, do you love everybody?Yes I love everybody, why?I love everyone because they are all happy people, are you happy?Yes I am happy, is Ben happy?Yes Ben is happy, is Grandma happy?Yes grandma is happy, Are you happy Alanna?Yes, I'm happy, good then lets be quiet and watch the movie, why?Because if you don't watch the movie then you won't know what happens, yes I will the daddy lion will fall and the baby lion will be sad and then he runs and why is the baby lion so sad? and where is his daddy lion? wheres the mommy lion? and why is he crying? see mommy I know what happening.Yes Alanna you do but I don't so please be quiet, why?Okay its bedtime.Why?Because its 8:30 and my brain needs a rest, I need a rest to huh and then tomorrow we are gonna play peoples and Hannah goes to school and Ben is happy.Yes dear, I love you, love you momma.Good night!

Whew, did you catch that?


  1. Anonymous3/24/2009

    I am soooo exhausted!! Just think, in a couple years, you'll be wishing she was a preschooler again!! It's perfect that you wrote all this down and in this way. You should keep this and show it to Alanna when she's a mom some day! She is so precious!

  2. That is funny! Why? Why? Why? Bless you for answering all the questions!!