March 25, 2009

A+, YAY!

Suppose you had an 8 year old who wasn't doing to well in 3rd grade science. Her or his teacher assigned a research project on a Michigan animal that was worth some points towards that bad science grade. Suppose your 8 year old did the report and then asked you to type it. You think back to your days when your mom would type your reports because you didn't know how to type and happily agreed. Now suppose as you were typing you added a few words here and maybe a few words there and then right in the middle you added a few phrases such as "Per the research" and then also edited a few things. After typing the report you help your child with the front cover and also the resource page and type that as well. A wait a few weeks and your child brings that report home and is VERY excited about the grade She or he got. You check it out and theres an A+ on top, next to a small note from the teacher. "Extremely well written, I look forward to many writings like this in the future." Then you think to your self, maybe the few words here and there were more like a few to many words and you start to think oh shit.

What would you do? Leave it alone? Add a few words to the next report? What do you think the teacher is thinking?
But of course this is just a question, it didn't really happen...right?
Lori, Lindsey, anyone, HELP!


  1. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure the teacher can see that he/she had help.....that's to be expected when a project is assigned for home....and not only is it expected, but it's encouraged because it gives parents a perfect chance to be involved with their kids' work!! I would tell that parent no big deal, and as each assignment comes along, do less and less of the editing and adding-to, giving the child more responsibility. As long as the parent isn't doing all the research AND writing the report, no worries!

  2. Anonymous3/27/2009

    I agree with Lindsey. Just let it go....but do it less often in the future. You're such a good Mommy! I would probably end up LOWERING my kid's grade. heehee

  3. You are so busted! LOL!
    Seriously, don't worry about it. When we give home projects, we want the parents involved and helping just not doing the whole thing for them. Next time maybe don't add as much for her but of course, the teacher wants you to help her or it wouldn't have been a home project. Congrats on the A - ha!