April 6, 2009

Movie review, Tigger and Pooh and a Musical Too

Disney did it again, bringing the Super Sleuths to the movie screen a second time. Back again for more adventure and fun is Pooh, Tigger, Darby, and the rest of the gang.

The gang is so happy with Rabbit doing so much to organize and plan for the big picnic that he is unanimously appointed the Mayor. Things quickly change in The Hundred Acre Woods when Rabbit takes the job of Mayor to the point where each animal has a schedule they must follow, such as when to wash dishes, when to sleep, or even when to bounce. Rabbit ends up going a "little" over board with his rules and Tigger decides to stand up to Rabbit, forcing everyone in the forest to choose a side. But as always, in the end the Super Sleuths realize that treating each other with kindness and respect is the most important lesson of all.

To make things even better, Disney has made it possible to have three ways to watch this movie. The 1st being "Normal" (just watching, and relaxing), 2nd is "The Sing-Along" version in which the film becomes like karaoke during the musical parts and then there is “The Active Play” which you can learn from the movie.
There are 2 ways to play the active part, the 1st is interactive with a remote or the 2nd is a narrated active version which requires no remote but the film changes during certain scenes where it becomes an educational-based film in which you need to figure out the answer to a question.

I always find it amazing that Alanna understands the message portrayed whether it being subtle or right out there, she gets it because her favorite characters easily explain it in fun and upbeat songs. There are 7 brand new songs featured in this 60 minutes of fun. I can't wait for the day Alanna has all the songs memorized and starts to include them in her daily singing she does.

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