April 6, 2009

Belly shot

Yes that is a childs belly. Yes it is my childs belly. Yes I know its the worlds cutest belly. Yes that is a tattoo on her belly. The tattoo is one we paid $.50 for at the grocery store. But why is it on her belly your wondering. Good question. This tattoo was so big it did not fit on her arm like she really wanted. The only place big enough for this tattoo was her belly, or her back and I wasn't going there :) Why would someone make a tattoo so big that the kids would never be able to put it on their tiny arms. Who ever made this was not a parent. But its a cute excuse to chomp-chomp on that cute belly.


  1. lol
    i had to laugh when i saw the tattoo and the belly!!
    sometimes i think people who make this things are idiots and they don't realize the size of a kid's arm, or leg, or head...
    oh well..
    she looks cute!!
    was she excited having the tattoo on her belly?

  2. Anonymous4/07/2009

    A belly tattoo!!! What's next? Belly piercing? LOL You are the COOLEST mom!! (Idiot temporary tattoo manufacturers!)

  3. Very cute...that guinea pig looks like my pet Nibbles. :-)