April 22, 2009

The ride down and the weekend

We packed the car and was headed south by 7:25. At 7:30 Ben was already asleep. That was until around 8:15 when he woke up screaming and shaking. I think he forgot where he was. We had to pull over at our first rest stop. It took about 20 minutes to calm him down enough to put him back in his car seat. Then we were on our way again. The kids had a rough night in the car, but once the sun came up it was a lot better. We ate breakfast just outside of Atlanta Georgia, and were on our way again. It was rainy and cool. We made it to Florida around noon and stopped at the welcome center and had a picnic. It was HOT. We changed the kids into some shorts and was back on the road.

We got a little lost once we got off the expressway. We were trying to avoid the toll roads (BIG mistake) It took a little longer but we finally made it to my moms. The girls were in the pool exactly 5 minutes after we pulled in. The 1st night was fun. We swam and hung out and then went to bed.

When we woke on Saturday, bright and early, my mom took me to a store called Ross's. I haven't went shopping for myself since Alanna was born and had the money to spend. It usually very hard for me to find clothes because for some reason the stores think bigger girls like to show off their boobs and wear Tinkerbell and My man loves me sayings on our shirts. But this store was great. I actually had to put some things back to stay in budget. Saturday afternoon and evening was relaxing and lots of pool time for the girls. Ben was having fun, but was not having the ceramic tile floors and no carpet, so he had a lot of hold me time with me. :)

Sunday, HAPPY EASTER. The kids had "beach" themed Easter "buckets" Each child had a different color bucket and matching beach towel. They each got some candy and 2 small gifts. Ben got a little car that goes when you shake it, and a sun hat, Alanna got bath foam toys and a spongebob watch, Hannah got High School Musical 3 DVD and a HSM necklace, Kylee got swimmies for the pool, and sunglasses. Then we had a small Easter egg hunt and then off to Old Town. The weather was so beautiful and sunny. There were rides and snacks and live music. What a way to spend Easter, it was great.

That gets you through the weekend. The rest of the week will be tomorrow, so I don;t bore you with the day by day. But if you can't wait, The pics are up at flickr. Just click on the pics above and it will take you there. More tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous4/22/2009

    Sounds like you were off to a good start! I wish we could get some of that Florida sunshine! It's been so drab here lately.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I have never been to Florida...isn't that nuts? Gotta go, gotta go!
    I liked the beach Easter baskets...good thinking there on the Easter bunny's part! ha!