April 23, 2009

The rest of the week and some shout outs of Thank yous

Monday we hung around the house. My mom still had to pretend she was in the real world, so she was off to work. Again the girls were in the pool exactly 5 minutes after breakfast. Ben wasn't having much of the pool. It was still sort of cold water. Me and Tammy went to the grocery store for some food and the kids played while we relaxed.

Tuesday it was a bit rainy. We were in for some really bad storms that shifted right before they hit our area. After that cleared up, again the girls were in the pool. I swear my girls lived in that pool. Tuesday again we relaxed.

Wednesday my mom worked a half day and came home early so we could go to the Beach. We decided on Cocoa Beach. The ocean was beautiful. Ben still wasn't having any of the cold water, but guess where the girls were? Yup in the ocean. Ben on the other hand LOVED the sand. Sand in his toes, sand in his hands, and dare I say, sand in his mouth. We had a nice time on the beach, it was hot with a nice cool breeze from the water. It was picture perfect. For dinner we headed about 5 feet away to Coconuts on the Beach, and when I say on the beach it was ON THE BEACH. They had a live band playing that the kids just LOVED. Kylee and Alanna was tearin' it UP! Those girls would dance not stop. Ben really enjoyed it to. Hannah was a little crabby, but soon got over it and was having fun with everyone else. We ate and drank and I had some of the yummiest strawberry daiquiris (sp?) EVEH! Once it got dark, and Ben fell asleep (in ALL that noise) we decided it was time to get the kids home. ALL the kids passed out for the night on the way home. It was a quiet night.

Thursday, again was pool time and relaxing time. Did some laundry and cleaned a little bit. Started to get things together for packing. Did I mentioned we ate really good while we were in Florida. We did. We had some grilled chicken one night, grilled ribs, and we ate out some too.

Friday was time to go home day. We packed up and headed out around 5:00. We stopped at the edge of Florida for dinner. This time we took the toll roads and it was a lot EASIER, for sure. We drove all night again. The kids had a better night this time, but was still anxious to be going home. We ate breakfast at a small diner in Kentucky and it was YUMMMMMY! Their homefries were to die for. We made it home around 3ish Saturday and it was so nice to be home. Once I unpacked a little, we had to go grocery shopping since Chris lived off of frozen meals and pop the entire week. Sunday I relaxed. The car ride home wore me out. (Even though I have to give credit to my brother and his girlfriend for driving most of the way. Ben was having mommy withdrawls and I had to sit by him most of the way home). Over all it was a great trip. I missed Chris like crazy and was happy to get home. At times it was stressful to be a single parent to 3 small kiddos, but I had lots of help from everyone and could not thank them enough. I want to give a HUGE shout out to Hailey. She is my stepdads, friends girlfriend. My kids just clang to her when she was around. She went to the beach with us and she played and played and played with my girls. On the sand in the water and at dinner. She was great. We already miss Hailey so MUCH! I don't want to forget Cody (Haileys boyfriend), grandma, papa, Tammy, Kyle, Ashlie, Shawn and Hannah who also helped out with the Alanna and Ben. Ben was a little, wait scratch that ALOT clingy and everyone just helped out so much, Thanks to everyone. Your the best.

So that pretty much sums the trip. It was hectic, crazy, fun, relaxing and exhausting all in one. Can't wait for next years trip.


  1. That sounds like an AWESOME family vacation Tasha!!! I see a scrapbook coming in the near future from this trip!!

  2. Ain't nothing wrong with frozen dinners and pop as long as the pop is Dr. Pepper! LOL!