May 14, 2009

Dadnapped/Hatching Pete review

With all the movies I have been reviewing with Alanna, I thought it was time I actually sit down and watch some movies with Hannah.

When I got the opportunity to review Dadnapped and Hatching Pete, in a double movie DVD Hannah was excited. She is VERY into the Disney channel (like Alanna) but Hannah enjoys the "older" shows like Hannah Montana and Suite Life on Deck.

Dadnapped stars a few young actors Hannah is very familiar with. A few of them would be Emily Osment and Moises Arias from Hannah Montana and David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place.

Emily plays Melissa who is dealing with sibling rivalry on a whole new level. She is trying to compete with the teenage spy, Tripp Zoome, the main character in her father’s best selling novels. Then when Neil (her father) is kidnapped, Melissa has to step it up and help rescue him. I think this movie has just the right amount of suspense, and fun for Hannah. Most movies nowadays have the violence and bad language and I cringe when Hannah is in the room when a movie like that comes on. Disney sure knows how to do it up, They have the special shows for the very young (like Alanna) and then turn around and capture the attention if the middle tweens (like Hannah). Hannah has already watched this movie 8 times and we've had it about a week, maybe a little more. Its a very cute movie to sit down and watch with your "not yet old enough" kids.

Hatching Pete was also a cute movie. It again had a few actors Hannah really enjoyed like Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana.

Cleatis Poole who wants to make his father proud becomes the second generation mascot for his basketball team. However he finds himself allergic to the suit and talks his friend Pete into wearing it for him, pretending it's him inside. The problem is, Pete is so good at being the mascot that he soon becomes the big attraction at the basketball games for a team that has a big losing streak. Soon after Pete (who everyone still thinks is Poole) is making fun of both coaches, trying to get into game huddles, and rockin with the band all of which makes him an instant celebrity. Unfortunately it is Poole, who uses his new found popularity to hit on attractive cheerleaders. Now this leaves Pete with a dilemma. Should he betray his friend and tell everyone that he is the mascot, or let his friend get all the popularity.

This again was another movie Hannah could relate with. Its geared right for her age and has hidden, yet simple morals to follow. I give both movies an A for greatness.

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