May 15, 2009

Wait come back, don't leave

Guess who finally got a tooth?
What? You don't know, Come on give it one guess.
Okay, Okay stop yelling I will give you a hint. He is the cutest 9 1/2 month old in the WORLD.
Still don't know? Okay lets see, he has 2 of the most ADORABLE yet spunky big sisters.
Still don't know?
OKay here is the giveaway clue.
His name rhymes with Men.

Thats right Ben! Ben got a tooth. Geez, you are a hard crowd. Sorry no prizes just some awesomely handsome pictures of the big boy at the bottom of the post. BUT you must first suffer through the lame ode to Ben post and the descriptions of his daily menu. Please....Okay here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday night Ben had a really rough night. He was up crying and restless for most of the night. I was one unhappy momma, but tried to stay calm, because Ben doesn't just cry. I knew he was either getting a tooth (FINALLY) or getting sick. I was hoping for the 1st, but you never know with the 2 older girls coughing all over Ben and don't forget the slobby kisses ALL.DAY.LONG. So Thursday morning we make up TOO bright and early and I check his mouth, and wouldn't ya know 1 little white bud pokin' through. Its so cute, my toofless baby now has a bud.

Its really about time too. Ben has had it with pureed baby food. He wants chunks. He wants what I eat. He wants to pick up his own food. Ben can gum anything he is given. The other night we had roast, potatoes, carrots and rolls. Ben had it all just in little bit size chunks. How do you gum roast? Ben finds a way. My little "big boy" usually has toast and yogurt or waffles and bananas for breakfast, and then leftovers or some fruit and veggies for lunch and then dinner he eats what we eat. Last night I even gave him some of my icee pop (the liquid Popsicles you put in the freezer to freeze) and HE.LOVED.IT. He kept rubbing it on his gums and sucking all the flavor out. I think at one point he got a brain freeze because he stopped and looked at me, kinda weird and then giggled really hard. It was so funny. Me and the girls started laughing right back at him. He could entertain us for HOURS. Geez, I can't believe Ben is almost 10 months old. Its crazy I swear I just wrote a post about breastfeeding and now I am writing about his chunky food preference and how big he is getting. I just need to soak these moments up a little while longer.


  1. Anonymous5/16/2009

    I got it on the first clue!! haha Yayyy Ben!

  2. Yayy!! Love that first pic by the way! :-)

  3. I want to kiss those cheeks!!