May 18, 2009

This year

Hannah today you are.


That means you are growing ever so fast, and I can't catch my breath still from last year. This year you became a new big sister and I and I stopped working to be home with you and your brother and sister more.

This year in school was a bit of a challenge. It was the 1st year you got letter grades. We are still working on math and science and hoping we can get you more knowing in those 2 subjects.

This year you talk on the phone like you are 16.

This year you have a "boyfriend" I use the term loosely because you don't really talk.

This year you have an awesome bff.

This year you have became so grown up. You make decisions and do chores. You are an AWESOME big sister and even better friend.

This year you have found your sence of humor. This year you have started to be embarrassed my your momma. This year, wow!

This year you have learned to stick up for yourself.

This year definitley has not been one of my favorites.

This year has not come without its challenges.

This year you understood what it was like to depend on family and not money. This year you became to wise for your young years.

But this year, I am so proud and happy to call you my daughter.

I love you Hannah.

Happy Birthday baby girl!


  1. Happy 9th birthday!!
    Great post!!!
    Isn't 3rd grade awesome? ha!

  2. what a beautiful post!
    happy bday hannah!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

  4. Anonymous6/23/2009

    Oh wow, I'm waaaay behind on your blog, aren't I? Trying to catch up! Hannah's 9th birthday...what a beautiful little girl she is! Your words to her were amazing, it's obvious you love her very much.