May 6, 2009

Mickey's Big Splash Review

Since our trip to Disney World last year while visiting my mom, Alanna has been obsessed with all things that are Mickey Mouse.

One of her favorite morning TV shows is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Its a cute show on the Disney Clubhouse for young children and its very interactive with your child. Mickey is always talking to the TV (or to you at home) and will have you say the "magic words" to get the club house out and also help pick the right "tool" to get each job done.

Alanna was on my lap, helping me check my emails one day, when I was asked to help review "Mickey's Big Splash" Its a DVD with 4 Mickey Mouse episodes plus a bonus game at the end. Alanna seen the picture of Mickey and begged for me to get it. The day it came in the mail she was already jumping up and down before I could turn it on. The minute Mickey comes on TV she is mesmerized. She likes that fact that she can "talk" to Mickey and he talks back to her. I think it makes her feel special, she doesn't quite understand that she isn't the only one Mickey is talking to yet :)

As a mom I like that Alanna is learning and not just "watching" TV with no interation. She learns how to problem solve, count and make choices that can effects whats going on in the show. When ever she asks to watch Mickey I know that she is helping herself grow and it puts me more at ease.

I give Disney and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2 thumbs up. Way to go! Here is a really cute clip from one of the episodes. Also under that is the trailer for the DVD. Enjoy!


  1. well... Tashi, I talk to all the character: dora, diego, kai lan, elmo, mickey... all of them. I even talk to the stupid voice on the GPS LOL

    if you want some educational things, where she's learning something: try worldword, martha speaks, those are cute shows also.

    and don't worry... she'll grow out of mickey soon. but research what's coming new on TV for kids - there is so much crap!

    beautiful daughters... handsome lil guy you have!
    happy mother's day!

  2. Anonymous5/11/2009

    I love Mickey Mouse!