June 23, 2009

Secret Life of the American Teenager

Yet another show where I missed the beginning, but when abc family had an all day marathon last winter for the 1st part of the season, I loved it from the very first episode.
For season 2, Hannah sat down and watched it with me. At first I was a little nervous for her to watch the show, because it was dealing with teen pregnancy, sex and divorce. But after thinking about it I thought that it had a good message in it for her. Understanding that in a perfect world all parents stay together, but sometimes they divorce and even if you have sex 1 time it can lead to things that a young teen is not ready for. After each episode we talk about what happened and the message each show brings. Shes learning pretty quickly that she is growing up and things are different in the "real" world.

During the season Amy has to deal with being pregnant in high school and realizing that her parents are not going to support the baby completely, that she has to actually grow up and take responsibility for her actions. My favorite episode of the season is when Ben and Amy decide to get married and they think that Ben's dad will support them, the housekeeper will take care of the baby and Ben's driver will take them everywhere they need to go. When the reality comes falling down on the 2 of them, they really grow up a lot and realize that a baby is a big responsibility.

A new season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager started tonight at 8:00 pm on abc family and already I cannot wait for Monday nights to get my fill of Amy, Ashlie, Ben, Ricky, Adrian, Jack and Grace. The show has a great message that all people young and old should listen very carefully to.

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  1. I saw this advertised the other day and wondered if it was any good.