June 22, 2009

The "Happy Father's Day" post

I was trying to get a nice group picture of Chris with the kids for a sweet Father's Day post, but trying to get all the kids together with Chris was worse than taking all 3 kids plus Chris to the grocery store :)

We had a nice father's day. We celebrated with a BBQ at Chris' dad's house. We ate Chicken and hot dogs and potato salad. I made a yummy peanut butter and fudge swirl pie. It was de-lish!!!!! The girls played on the slip and slide and even Ben enjoyed playing in the big puddle at the end. We came home and the kids went swimming some more, and Chris ended his night playing video games on his Xbox.


  1. Literally laughed out loud at the "worse than taking the four of them to the grocery!" HA!
    That cake sounds yummy! And I LOVE a slip and slide...what a great day!!

  2. Anonymous6/25/2009

    Like Lori, I LOL'd at the grocery store comment. Looks like a fun day...