June 4, 2009

Try counting sheep

I know I was gone for a few days. It was because every chance I had I was trying to sleep. Ben hasn't been sleeping well. I'm not sure whats going on with him. He goes down to bed really good, nothing not normal about that. Then a couple hours later, well maybe four or five he will wake up crying. I go in his room and give him his pacifier and he lays back down. But as soon as I leave his room he screams. When I go back in there and pick him up he stops. I lay him down he cries. I will give him a bottle, even though he is WAY past eating in the middle of the night. Then he is up for a couple hours, laying in my arms or crawling around. I try to keep the lights low to keep him sleepy but thats not happening. I try to lay him in my bed and go to sleep, I try to lay in his room, but he just plays or pulls my hair. Thats a new game for him, he likes it when I say owe. (silly kid). Then after I just can't keep my eyes open anymore I lay him back down in his bed and he cries a little bit and then falls asleep. Its really weird.

He doesn't act like he is teething. He is not sick in anyway. I change his diaper, I give him a bottle and he still cries. I think he is taking this being attached to mom a bit to far. Anyone else have this problem. It started on Monday night and he has done it everyday this week. He has never done this before and has been sleeping through the night since he was like 2 months old. I sure hope this is a phase and not something new. I am so sleepy and feel bad for wanting to sleep instead of playing with the girls. HELP!


  1. He's a boy. Pissin' off mom is what we do best... :)

  2. Anonymous6/23/2009

    Again, I'm late reading but I think I read this post and texted you a reply because I couldn't comment from my Blackberry. I hope Ben is sleeping better now (and Mom too!)