June 3, 2009

So grown

This year with it being my first year of staying home I did not want to send Alanna off to preschool. When the opportunity came for us to be enrolled in the homebase preschool program back in the works this year I was very excited. Each week, our day was Tuesday Mrs Shannon would come to our home from 10:00-11:30am and we would work on different projects, play games and read books with Alanna. Then every other Friday she would ride the bus to preschool and have socialization with the other homebase kids. We really enjoyed this program and home that the funding and supports sticks around for it. I knew Alanna was not ready for regular preschool and this was a GREAT 1st school experience. On the last socialization for the kids they took a field trip to bowling. The kids had a great time and I took the opportunity to snap some shots of Alanna and her preschool friends.

Here is Alanna before she left the house. Yes she is in a short sleeve shirt and shorts. Yes she is also wearing snow boots. This is her new thing. EVERYWHERE we go she likes to wear her boots. But this is one battle that is just to darn cute to argue with.
This is the preschool class at bowling. Note Alanna being her pouty. She was mad she had to pose before lunch.
This is Alanna's preschool teacher, Mrs Shannon. She was great with the kids and we will miss her this summer.
Meet Miss Sherry. She was the bus driver for the year. She was really nice and would play fun songs on the bus for the kids. If all goes well she will be Alanna's bus driver for preschool next year too.
This is Chris. She was the helper in the classroom. She was VERY patient and awesome with the kids. If one of the kids started to act out or was not listening she was always the one to get them back in order. Alanna had to hold Miss Chris' hand a couple of times {grin}
And finally a shot of how Alanna got the ball down the alley. She scored a 61. I am so proud of her. She grew so much over this past year. I am so very happy I kept her out of preschool so we got to do this program. Alanna is very ready for preschool next year.


  1. Sounds like a great program! I love that the bus driver is warm and caring too - that has to be comforting when you are putting her on the bus! :-) And, she is precious in those boots!

  2. Anonymous6/23/2009

    LOL at the snow boots! How precious! She's going to be a trendsetter!! Bowling is so much fun!