June 16, 2009

What a great weekend

*I have been trying to upload a video to blogger for 2 days now and something is not working. So here is another post for now*

I had one of the best weekends that I can remember in a long time. It started Saturday when Chris had a friend he grew up with and his family over for a BBQ. They are here from down South visiting. We ate some yummy food, our kids played together and we relaxed. After dinner, we went to a small music festival in the park. [Side note: when I first met Chris he was in a band, he later quit, do to work and family, that band is still together and they were playing and also sponsoring the festival] We took the kids and they played and we all listened to music. It was a gorgeous night and we all had a great time.
Sunday we woke up early and took the girls to the movies. This was Alanna's first time at the movies...It went"OK". We seen Up in 3D. She was not a fan of the 3D glasses and had to go to the bathroom 3 times in 90 minutes, but other than that it went good.
I think I have mentioned before that Alanna LOVES her stuffed animals. Well one of her favs is Baby Dinosaur. He is a small black dino that has went many places with us before. Well like usual she brought Baby Dinosaur to the movies and he really enjoyed that, but sometime when leaving the theatre and buckling Alanna in her car seat we realized Baby Dinosaur was lost. This was maybe a 5 minute span. I went back in and they turned the lights on and everything, and Baby Dinosaur was LOST. Alanna is so good at keeping track of her animals too. She really takes good care of them. Chris and I are pretty sure someone picked him up and took him because Chris searched the theatre and I looked too, we checked with lost and found and I even called later that night to check again and there is no sign of Baby Dinosaur. This breaks my heart for Alanna. She cried so hard and long and told everyone she lost her best friend. We thought Baby Dinosaur was a Ty beanie baby but Chris has searched and searched and no luck yet. Even this morning she was playing with her stuffed dog and they were "talking" about how they missed Baby Dinosaur. Gosh, you wanna talk about some mommy guilt...PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! I get a knot in my stomach every time I think about all the places Baby Dinosaur has went with us and all the fun times she has had playing with this stuffed animal...Am I to attached to the animals myself...Poor baby girl, I am so sad for her.

After our fun/sad morning at the movies, we stopped in at Toys R Us and bought Ben is first birthday present for his birthday. I know its not until next month, but it was on sale and we had a coupon...Can you keep a secret? Shhhhhh, its a bubble mower...I know cute right?
After shopping we came home and the kids went swimming. They played the rest of the afternoon and evening in the pool and we hung out and had more fun together as a family.

what a great weekend..


  1. Poor Alanna - what a tramatic first trip to the movies!

  2. Ohh poor baby missing her dino! Is she still talking about it now? Glad you had such a great family weekend. I know you needed that!! I can't believe Ben is about to be 1! I feel like he was just born. Quit feeding him so he'll stay little for a while longer:)

  3. as for uploading videos:
    try vimeo!
    it's a little faster than youtube.

  4. Anonymous6/25/2009

    As a mom of a stuffed animal lover too (no, she still hasn't outgrown it), I can totally relate to the missing animal story. Do you have pictures of the animal Tasha? I can help you look around. I know she must be so upset!