July 22, 2009

Lists about making lists

Here is my list of things I have to do leading up to the party on Saturday. I wrote the list on Monday so we start with Tuesday. (bold means completed). This entry will probably be up for the next couple of days, so check back it will be fun to see how much I actually get done on the days its supposed to be done! And the giveaway will end next week, when all the birthday mess is over with. So don't forget to tell your friends!

Tuesday-grocery shop for us this week, grocery shop for the party, wash towels.

Wednesday-wash both bathrooms, dust, start clothes laundry

Thursday (MY BIRTHDAY)- fold and put away laundry. (I wanted to keep this day light, it is my birthday after all). Clean out toy tubs in living room

Friday- Take Hannah to library camp at 10, sweep kitchen and foyer, mop kitchen and foyer, vacuum ALL carpet rooms (thats basically the whole house), make birthday cupcakes for Benjamin, pick Hannah up from library camp at 3.

Saturday (the day of the party, party starts at 4)-Go to grocery store and buy last minute items I forgot or could not buy on Tuesday (ketchup, Ice, 2 cases regular coca~cola, wrapping paper, birthday card, and balloons), Pick up SIL and niece Kylee, because brother is working and will come over later, frost birthday cupcakes for Benjamin, and DECORATE!

In case you are wondering, Chris does have a honey do list too. He is almost as excited as I am over my list. His is not nearly as much as mine, but its stuff I DO NOT WANT TO DO, so its pretty even in my eyes.

This is his actual list, and I did not change the wording in anyway. It starts like this......

Honey do list to be completed on or before Saturday July 25, before 4 pm.

1. Clean and replace cat liter-I actually had to do this because it was worse than I thought and smelled really bad during laundry. Its okay though, he made up for it with bringing home takeout on my birthday so I didn't have to cook.

2. Make yard look pretty

3. Clean and scrub outside trash cans (no smell or dirt) so they can be used for party trash

4. Smile and be happy your son is turning 1, thats one step closer to playing catch in the yard!

See, that, I HATE #1 and I would not be caught dead doing #3, so even right?

Oh and I also wanted to point out that Hannah and Alanna have been busy working too. Hannah cleaned her closet and her art area, Alanna has re-messed up everything Hannah has cleaned. I had to take Alanna out of her room. She was making bigger messes for her sister. Tomorrow Hannah will clean under her bed, and Alanna will help put away clothes. Whats Ben doing? Well Ben is so busy being cute and prepping for his big birthday debut that he has no time for anything extra.

Okay enough stalling, I MUST get back to cleaning or I will never get done!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful day and get absolutely spoilt by your family :) We were planning a trip to the beach tomorrow, but we'll see what the weather's like :(

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! ( early) cant wait for sat.!!

  3. Go Girl! You can do it!! Chris got a yucky list by the way!
    Library Camp sound FUN! I am little jealous! ha!

    Happy Birthday to you!!! (and Ben)