July 17, 2009

thankyou rain

Crying from his room woke me up early this morning. I walked down the hallway and I heard rain hitting the windows. The rain must have woke him was my first thought this morning. We cuddled on the couch until he was fully awake then he crawled out of my lap and chased the cat.

She woke up next, maybe an hour later. Eyes barely open, carrying her 2 favorite stuffed animals, Ruff and Baby Dino. She swayed towards me, not giving her eyes a chance to open before she crawled into my lap. Once she was ready she was gone too, climbing up the table to eat.

About 10 minutes after fixing breakfast, is when she woke up. Sneaking onto the couch, a game to her if she can get to the couch before I hear her. I did this morning, I jumped to the couch before she did and I hugged her tight. She laid in my arms, fitting just right until her sleepiness had past. Climbing down to join her sister for breakfast. The rain had stopped, the sun waking up and the clouds floating away.

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  1. I had a morning like that. I woke up around 630, kylee slept till 9. i just waited amd waited for her to get up. she basically needs to lay on me for a minute or two and then she is ready to tear hell through the house!

  2. Sounds like bliss!!!