August 21, 2009

a small update

We are home. I have lots of pictures to share. I will get them up soon. Maybe tomorrow maybe Monday..I'm not sure yet. I'm tired. I have a mountain of laundry to tackle and also a walker on my hands. Yes you heard me right. Ben is WALKING. Its still unbelievable to see my tiny little baby walking. He is so cute. He wobbles and stumbles and falls and then gets back up.

We had a great time up north and I will share all our stories soon.
Contest winners will be announced on Monday.

And a happy birthday to Chris. My awesome hubby turns 28 today.We love you!


  1. yay! he's walking!
    unbelievable... time goes by so fast!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Chris!
    And, I wanna see a video of Ben walking...after you finish laundry of course! ha!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!