September 28, 2009

family time

Busy and loud. Thats how we can describe the weekend in my house.
Friday afternoon my mom and stepdad Tim arrived here from Florida. My brother, his girlfriend Tammy and Kylee were all over to visit, along with us. Getting hugs and kisses and lap time on papa and cuddles from grandma were the main events for the kids. For dinner we had a yummy Mexican Lasagna.

Saturday morning was a rush. My brother and Tammy had a wedding to get ready for, Kylee was staying with me another night. We had the rental car to pick up and then lunch to fix. Saturday night, we had Matthews (my other nephew) birthday party, while my mom and Tim had friends to meet. My kids plus Kylee had so much fun at Matthews party. It was Disney Cars themed and my SIL did a great job. I wish I got pictures but handling 4 kids is come to find out, pretty difficult. Chris had 2 I had 2 and then we would switch...

Sunday was again....busy. I had grocery shopping and putting away the food. My mom made us all her homemade pepper steak. I LOVE my moms cooking. She was a single mom who worked outside the home but still made dinner EVERY night for my brother and me, and it was YUMMY! Having some cooking from mom is just something special, and it made me feel all good inside. (it really made me miss her being in Florida too). Sunday night was bath and bedtime routine again for the girls because of school. We were all in bed pretty early from our busy weekend.

I said good bye to my mom and Time this morning, but it was okay because they will be back again next weekend. They are actually here for 9 days this visit. Weekend with me, then up north to visit Tims mom and then down again to stay with my stepsister Trista for a few days and then with us again Thursday or Friday...They leave again EARLY Sunday morning to go back to Florida. Even though its 9 days, its never enough. We miss them so much....Hopefully next weekend, I will remember to take pictures with my new camera...

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  1. Oh wow! I didn't know they were coming back next weekend too - bonus! glad you had fun!