September 23, 2009


Since I have been spending more "one on one" time with Ben in the mornings while the girls are at school, it really has me thinking back to last year when Ben was so little and I was potty training Alanna, wow so much growing has happened in a short span of 1 year. You think now that this time next year is SO far away, but in reality next year I will be looking at pictures I tool over the weekend and realize how fast our lives are flying by and we need to take a minute to slow down! Here are some pictures I found of the kids from last September. Hannah looks so young, and Alanna has that babiness to her still, and Ben, well don't even get me started on Ben ((tear)).


  1. So much changes so darn fast!

  2. Time flies...wow!
    I remember some of those pics too!

  3. Sniff....sniff.....Alanna and Hannah really do look so different! I expected that change in Ben, but the girls have changed drastically too! They are BEAUTIES!