September 22, 2009

Its a boy

I heard the ruffling of the sheets this morning over the monitor and new that it was morning in my dark room. Sleepily I managed to crawl out of bed and catch a glimpse of the 6am clock shining back at me.
As I walked closer to his room, my grumpy mood started to fade into awakeness, and as I opened the door I was in complete calmness. I walked over to his crib and looking up with a bright smile that was shining from the nightlight, was my adorable, sweet little boy.

I picked him up and he immediately snuggled up close to my chest. I inhaled his sweet scent, first his head full of hair and then the crease of his neck. Even after 8 years and 3 children later, the birth of a child amazes me. A new little person to welcome to the world. We sat together in the rocking chair, that was bought when his big sister came home from the hospital, and cuddled together. We watched the dark sky turn bright and it finally came to me, I am a mother to a son.
His kissable cheeks, his pouty lips, his soft rolls under his chin, they all belong to this amazing little boy that I helped create.

originally posted September 27, 2008
amazing what happens in a year


  1. Awwwwww so sweet!!!! When you originally posted, this I remember reading it and it made me cry....little did I know that I was carrying my own little boy, just weeks old. They are precious!

  2. I LOVE walking inot princess Magpie's room and seeing her smiling face light up as she is babbling away at me jumping up and down in her excitement to see me. I stand and rub my fingers through her hair as she babbles away. It is my favorite way to start the day.

  3. Beautifully said!