September 21, 2009

The Zoo-hoo

We took the kids to the zoo over the weekend. As usual it was a great family day and we had a fun time. Alanna especially enjoys the zoo. She is our little animal lover and lets us know which animals we should see first. Her fav this year was the elephants. We walked up to them and she screamed with delight. Well.....she screamed with delight at just about every exhibit but the elephant scream was a tad louder :) She got on the bus this morning and told her bus driver a quick 20 second summary of her trip to the zoo-hoo as she calls it.

This year was also fun for Ben. He did not remember his first zoo trip taken last year, and every animal he seen this year was either a dog or a kitty, but I still think he had fun. His favorite was the African train ride. He started to say Jaf for the Giraffes, but that again turned into dog.

I would have to say Mine and Hannah's favorite was the new tree house they opened. Its a fun land with slides in rocks and holes to climb up and over the rocks, they had a wading stream, sandy beaches to play in, forts to make, Honey combs to climb in, spider webs to cross, a "pet" house to pet animals and face painting to top it off. They also had a small duck pond for babies to crawl in, that may come in a close second for Ben, who cried when our turn was over.

We ended the day with Alanna explaining to everyone we seen as we were walking out that this was the best day eveh! She was asleep before we even got out of the zoo parking lot.

I think there is something wrong with blogger and I can't get any pictures to load. Check them out here...There are some REALLY cute ones too!


  1. Lisa Beach9/21/2009

    The nature center with the tree house and stuff was very cool. Sounds like you guys had a great day!

  2. I haven't been to the zoo in forever! Sounds Alanna would go everyday!! ha!