September 2, 2009

Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie-Review

Last week in Michigan we had to fold our shorts and put them away in exchange for jeans and sweatshirts. (Just like Michigan to be fall in August) The chilly weather had me thinking about fall and the next holiday after this Labor day weekend....Halloween. I was excited when I received Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie.
It just felt right watching it with the cool breeze coming through the windows and us on the couch covered in blankets.

The movie takes place on Halloween Day, with the gang all getting ready for their special night. Its Roo and Lumpy's first Halloween together and they can't wait. After a scary story told by Tigger about the Gobloon, who if he catches you, will turn you into a Jaggedy Lantern, but if you catch him, you get a wish, the gang finds Pooh has eaten ALL the candy in the 100 acre woods. Now there will be no trick-or-treating.

Roo gets this bright idea that if him and Lumpy can catch the Gobloon they can wish for more candy and set Halloween straight. So Lumpy and Roo set off without telling the others and find the creepy cave, and to slide down the slimy slide and then to the Tree of Terror, where they should find the Gobloon. Lumpy is a little nervous along the way and makes Roo promise to never leave him and that they can be "Brave Together, Brave Forever". However once they set the trap for the Gobloon, something happens and Roo and Lumpy get separated and Roo things that Lumpy was turned into a Jaggedy Lantern. Suddenly candy doesn't seem so important, and Roo thinking he caught the Gobloon wishes for something more important....getting his best friend back.

This movie is filled with brand new spooky Halloween songs and messages about friendship. It has just the right amount of "boo" for Alanna and Ben and the cuteness never runs out. This movie would be a great Halloween treat for any child or adult who grew up with the gang of the 100 acre woods. And it comes with an adorable Pooh stuffed animal dressed as Tigger for the fun of Halloween.

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  1. tammy powell9/03/2009

    omg that is so cute. i love the little doll that it comes with!