September 2, 2009

Little Einsteins-Review

At some point in time I'm just going to have to admit that Alanna loves TV. She is like me, and could sit all day and watch movie after movie. I try to limit her to 2 movies a day and have them spaced out throughout the day so she is not on the couch in the house all day. With that being said, when she is in her moods to watch TV ALL day and chooses to watch the Little Einstein movies, I am not unhappy with her choice, because at least she will be learning as she watches. Her new favorite Little Einstein video is Fire Truck Rockets Blastoff.

There is an erupting volcano on the island of Java and the 4 friends and Rocket must save the animals in the forest before it gets too hot. Using Rockets Fire Fighting tools, the friends will outsmart the shadow giant for the key, and sing their way through a blocked cave exit. Making their way to the forest full of animals and helping the trapped monkey escape.

Alanna loves Little Einsteins and loves the interaction she has as the video is being watched. When questions are asked, she feels like they are really including her and loves that she can answer them.

This Fire Truck Rocket episode is a never before seen, and really is a must see for any boy or girl who loves the TV and leaning all at the same time.

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  1. Ahhh she's a multitasker already! Watching TV AND learning!!