September 3, 2009

Where have I been?

I now I've been killing you with all these review posts and nothing personal in between. I don't really know where all my time has went....oh wait yes I do. Being a mom. With the count down on for school starting I've been busy cleaning closets and drawers finding what fit and doesn't. Bagging up all the clothes that don't fit..selling, swapping, and donating them, and then making lists of what all 3 kids need and then trying to find bargains on everything. Yup that sounds about right. For 2 weeks now I have been doing this and almost everything is bought with a small exception of a winter coat for Hannah..Alanna will you an almost new one from Hannah, and I got Ben a coat at Once Upon a Child for $7 and it looks practically brand new. Ben needs some pjs and momma needs a new new pair of tennis shoes, but that will come in time....other than that school clothes for both girls, winter clothes for Ben, new socks for everyone and new underwear for me and Chris..(too much?) book bags, new shoes and new pens and pencils are all lying around the house ready to be packed away.

Wait....What was that? School clothes for both girls? Why, yes! Alanna is starting preschool on Tuesday. Its a bitter sweet moment, one that I have put off until last week, when both her teachers came to the house to say hello. Alanna did the home base preschool program last year, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has it offered in their area. It was one of the greatest programs ever and her teacher made all that possible. (Did I mention we seen her at the fair this year? We did and she is great, and I miss her) anyways, Alanna will be going to school from 830-12 Monday-Thursday. While I am so happy she is getting back into the routine, I am sad to see her go. What will I do with my mornings with only 1 child? Oh right, reality kicks in and I will have plenty to do, LOL.
This time last summer, I feel bad saying this, but I could not wait for school to start. I had a newborn and was sleep deprived, and cranky 24/7. This summer however I LOVED. We camped, we played at parks, we did summer camp, we did vacations up north, and visited our friends in Hillsdale several times. I am sad to see the summer ending, but looking forward to next summer already when Alanna and Hannah will be 1 year older and Ben will be almost 2. What fun we will have then...
We are heading out again this weekend to spend with our good friends Mike and Jess out in Hillsdale, one last fun vacay before school starts on Tuesday. Don't forget the zhu zhu pets giveaway, I will extend the giveaway until Monday and the winner will be announced on Tuesday after the girls get on their school buses :(

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  1. Enjoy your last week with NO homework! ha!