September 8, 2009

Pictures coming soon!

Congrats to Mary who won the Zhu Zhu pet giveaway.

Today I put both my girls on the school bus to go to their separate schools. Hannah is in 4th grade this year. This realization of her getting older really kicked in this year, because I have very clear memories of 4th grade. It was the year I was in a 3/4 grade split,and it was the year of my FAVORITE teacher of ALL time. I know Hannah is making memories everyday, but up until now some of my memories have been hazy from when I was her age. Next year she will be in 5th grade and the oldest grade in our elementary. What will I do with a middle schooler? Oh the sadness.

Alanna started preschool today. We waited together in our kitchen her snacking on a granola bar and chocolate milk, when the bus came to get her she ran to grab her "makeup" (really chap stick) and put fresh on and ran to the bus before I could even get my shoes on. She was so excited this morning she was ready an hour early, now if I could give Hannah some of that excitement, LOL. I am sad to see Alanna start this journey for school, but happy because Alanna STRIVES on routine and this is the best for her....to be busy everyday. And lets face it at the end of summer I was running out of options to keep busy.

So this morning its just me and Ben. We ate toast for breakfast with chocolate milk and now I am actually giving you a real post update before 10 AM. Wow what a day so far. Now I have to grocery shop with ONE child. I have never been with just one child before, LOL. I'm looking forward to my days with Ben to be able to give that one on one and then greet my 2 favorite girls when the get off the bus.

One quick update from this weekend. FUN!


  1. Lisa Beach9/08/2009

    Enjoy your days with your boy! Hope everything goes well for the girls.

  2. I was thinking about Hannah just the other day and wondering how she was liking 4th grade!!