October 21, 2009

Fisher Price: Laugh&Learn Toy Review

I have been very blessed in blogging community and working with Mom Select to be offered some great reviews. A couple of weeks ago I was chosen to review the Laugh & Learn, Smart Bounce & Spin Pony and the Laugh & Learn Fun With Friends Musical Table. Needless to say as soon as the box arrived my kids were digging in. Alanna and Ben were so excited to try these new toys out, I hardly got the chance to set them up.
First I set up the Smart Bounce and Spin Pony. Its target ages are 12-24 months. It has 3 different levels that can be used with each age group, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. In each level there are 5 settings that can be chosen:
  • A to Z zoo
  • Count and grow farm
  • colorful home
  • shapes at shore
  • opposites playground

At first Ben was all about meeting the new pet in our house, he sat and talked to the pony for a good while.

Then he felt confident enough to get on and ride

Ben really enjoyed that the pony was his size. When he crawled on he could touch the ground and make the toy work. I enjoyed how it could work on its own as a toy and then you could plug in a wireless adapter to the TV and fun activities would come up and the child could play games and learn at the same time. Ben really enjoyed watching the TV screen and him being able to control what was going on. I really liked this toy because it could grow with the kids. Many times you find a toy and the child will out grow it so fast and it just gets tossed in the corner. This toy brought fun to my 15 month old and believe it or not my almost 4 yr old. She enjoyed it just as much. Also putting together the bounce and spin pony was very easy. A couple of screws in and we were done.

The next toy we tried out what the music table. This was also a big hit in our house, the kids LOVE music and dancing. Putting this table together was as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...Adding the legs that was all. Just pop them in until they click and the kids were ready to play music. Ben enjoyed this toy a little bit more than Alanna did...The music table was certainly targeted more towards Ben's age...But don't get me wrong Alanna had fun too! The music table offers 4 corners of fun! The child can learn, colors, shapes, numbers, counting, words, animals and so much more in English and Spanish. That was my favorite feature. There is a button to go to that will say a word in English and then teach Spanish...My kids were learning while playing, and they didn't even know it :)

Over all we really enjoyed having these 2 new toys in our house and the kids are still playing with them. That to me is a good sign...It wasn't the "new toy effect" that had them playing, they really like, and enjoy these toys. Even my niece loved them and she is almost 2. I think her fav was the music table...She just loves to dance too.

Fisher Price is a great company and they put out great toys, here is a link to a coupon to save $20 off of $100 purchase. But hurry it won't last much longer. If you have children, then you know its VERY easy to spend, even more so with Christmas just around the corner (yes its near). Happy Shopping!

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