October 16, 2009

yellow butterfly

I have been so busy this week. Getting all the sickness cleared up, FINALLY, and working on Halloween costumes for Alanna and Kylee. Thank goodness its Friday because I need the weekend to relax..whoops forgot that's not going to be happening either...Saturday we are heading to the apple orchard, then a Halloween birthday themed party and then Sunday of to the in laws for a warm yummy dinner and to Finally get some pictures of Moira ( the newest addition to the family). Here are some new pictures of Kylee in her yellow (butterfly) tutu (she will be a butterfly for Halloween). She was pretending to be a ballerina..
Its much cuter in person. I have to learn how to take pictures of an almost 2 year old, running around in a messing living room with every single toy out of place :) I had a great time making the girls their tutus. I wonder how many people would be interested in buying a homemade tutu...Anyone know?


  1. i cant get over how cute these are!!!!!

  2. OMG they are soooooooo cute!!! I don't think I can put one on Carson....

  3. I bet you could sell those on ebay! Go for it!