October 14, 2009

tutu cute!

Here is Alanna modeling the new tutu made her. Yes she was standing on the bathroom counter, and yes you can see my birth control in the background and yes I know its all very dangerous (the standing on the counter NOT the birth control, that is a blessing, LOL). I am so happy how the tutu turned out. I was thinking about trying to sell them. I'm even making one for my neighbor (an adult). She dresses up for work and I am making her a black and orange tutu and she is going to be a witch. I will post pictures when that is done.

I added ribbon to the tutu and thinks it makes a great touch. I love how the ribbon hangs longer than the tutu

She's gonna wear a white shirt with white tights and black mary janes.

The headband I made her to wear. The ribbon matches her wings and the tutu.

She is a garden fairy

The whole thing

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  1. Lisa Beach10/14/2009

    LOVE IT!!! I want to be a garden fairy. :)

  2. Anonymous10/14/2009

    She's the cutest garden fairy EVER!!! (Aren't you a talented lil' thing???! I could never make anything like that. Good job!!)

  3. Look at your crafty momma!!! She's gonna be so cute!!

  4. I love the ribbons added!! Cute! I am so laughing at the birth control in the background but I probably wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't told me! ha!