October 13, 2009

last week

Well it was ONE busy week around here last week. Alanna was home ALL week with croup, but that never slowed her down. With a fever of 103.3 for 6 days, it would have been nice if she at least acted sick. She was bouncy off the walls and running all around. She would stop to cough and then keep on going. We were at the drs once for a check up and the rest of the time we sat in the house. Last Thursday her fever finally let up so we attempted our monthly playdate, which was the halloween party. You can check out some pictures here.
Over the weekend we went to a "family" diaper party. It was a lot of fun, friends, family, kids, and food. The best combination if you ask me. I didn't get pictures but the kids were good.

This weekend we have a birthday/halloween party to go to, so I had to rush on Alanna's hallowen costume. She was going to be tigger, but after wearing it to the playdate party, we decided it was still a little to big and next year she would be tigger. Instead she will be a garden fairy. While my mom was here, she bought Alanna some fairy wings.....so I made her a tutu to match and a head band. It all came together so well. I will get some more pictures with her in it when it is all done....But for now we have to make our 3rd trip in 2 weeks back to the drs, because Ben is now coughing...oh the fun!

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  1. Lisa Beach10/13/2009

    Glad Alanna is better, hope Ben doesn't get it. LOVE, love, love the costume. :)

  2. Anonymous10/14/2009

    Yay for Alanna feeling better!! Hope Ben is okay too. We've been lucky so far...just minor sinus infections but none of the flu stuff going around! (Knock on wood!)