November 3, 2009

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Over the years Tinker Bell has evolved from having bells in her skirt, to Peter Pans sidekick, and moving onto the hard working pixie we see today.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is one of Tinker Bells greatest adventure yet. It takes place in the fall, and the pixies are busy turning the leaves colors and helping the animals get ready for winter to come.
But When Tinker Bell puts Pixie Hallow and the other Pixies in trouble, its up to Tink to be brave on a secret adventure to set things right again. Along the way Tinker Bell meets new friends and learns how important her old ones are.
I love watching these types of movies with my 2 girls. Tinker Bell is a timeless classic that my oldest daughter at 9 and my youngest daughter at 4 both enjoy.
Featured in this Blue Ray/DVD combo pack:
~Magical guide to Pixie Hallow, Tink and Terence are your guides as you explore the Autumn area of Pixie Hallow.
~Pixie Hallow comes to Disney World, discover how the filmmakers helped transform Epcot into Pixie Hallow
~An all new music video by Demi Lovato
~deleted scenes
This movie would bring a smile to any child's face and would make for a great gift for someone you love!

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