November 16, 2009

Fun with a side of loud

I missed the "what I am grateful for" post yesterday. With good reason. It was Alanna's 4th birthday. We celebrated all weekend and made sure she was having fun. Saturday started out normal and relaxed and then we went to McDonalds for her "friend" party. She played and ate and played and opened presents and played. It was FUN with a side of LOUD!

Sunday we did the family without kids party. My dad, stepmom, MIL and we also celebrated Kylees's birthday too since the girls birthday is 1 week apart. We ate and the kids played and had icecream cake and the kids played more. It was FUN with a side of LOUD.

So many people are so good to us and the kids. Alanna got everything she asked for plus more. She was falling asleep on the couch trying to play with each of her new toys. She woke up this morning with toys in hand. She is so precious and has come so far in the last year. I actually see her growing more everyday. Especially in her attitude and her listening skills. She was a perfect little lady this weekend, and I am so proud of her growing up.

So for yesterdays "I am grateful for" post I will say I am grateful for birthdays. Seeing my children growing up and slowly showing signs of who they will be one day makes me feel all good inside. Also having one special day just for yourself..Well who wouldn't like that, LOL.

Today I am grateful for...Tammy aka Mimi. I know I mentioned her in the family post, but I honestly think she deserves her own thankful post. She is the sister I always wanted. She loves me and loves the kids even more. She is there when me and my brother argue and she is there when I need her. She didn't bat an eye when I asked to stay a couple days with me after Ben was born and she is the mother to my beautiful niece. Tammy means so much more to me than she will ever know. Like last night at the family party when I was tired as ever and still on the floor wiping of melted icecream...I know if she was there she would have been helping load the pile of dishes waiting to get in the dishwasher. (she had to go to work) She just does things like that and I love her for it. She is a great addition to our family and I hope she never leaves....because I will never let her go!

Thanks Tammy!

Pics of this weekend coming soon!


  1. awwww!! you bet i'd be there helping make the mess as well as clean up! I wish i could have seen the whole thing... kyle told me all about the fun!! I'm glad we have a good relationship i know i as as welcome as kyle is in your house...and the same goes for you guys! love you

  2. Love that - fun with a side of loud!