November 16, 2009


The 1st movie we took Alanna to see at the theatre was Up. She really enjoyed her 1st time and this movie was great for the whole family. This movie is geared toward the young at heart and the older. Its packed filled with adventure and laughs. This movie is filled with bright colors and the animation is outstanding. I love how this movie is based on relationships between friends and the bonds that grow. I also enjoyed the comedy. It has the yes this part is funny, but I also love the hidden humor as well.

The movie we were sent to review was the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. We do not have a blu-ray, however my BIL does and we took the movie over there to watch it..the picture was amazing. So crystal clear and bright. It was beautiful. Up was released November 10, just in time for some Christmas shopping. If you want to make that special little boy or girl happy this season, I suggest Up as your #1 purchase. So far we have watched this movie 6 times and we have had it maybe 2 weeks. My kids love it and so do Chris and I.

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