November 7, 2009

Today I am thankful for.....

Good Friends
Back in high school there were 5 of us girls that were together All the time. Me, Sarah, Jenn, Danielle and Jessica. We were there for each other when the other needed. Through time we drifted apart...Kids, marriage, jobs, moves, we got busy in our own life and sort of forgot about each other. Every Christmas we would try to get together but then it sort of seemed forced.
Well recently we have tried again. This time with much success. We have met for dinner, hung out with each other and last night we finally got our kids together. Last night was our first attempt at a movie night. Not everyone could come, but the ones that were there were Jenn, and her 2 girls (ages 6 1/2, and 4), me and my 2 girls (ages 9 and 4) and Jess and her daughter (2 1/2). Missing was Ben, Logan (jess' son age 3 1/2) Sarah, Danielle and her 2 girls (ages 6, and 3 1/2) and Danielle is prego again. Wow thats a lot of kids. We had pizza, and popcorn, and candy and cake. It was messy and loud and perfect. Getting the kids together has been something I would often think about and last night it happened, and I loved it. We plan on trying the movie night once a month, so we will see how it goes...The next movie night is here at my house...F!U!N!

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  1. You know, I married my high school best friend but only keep up with my girls from high school with facebook. Kinda sad!
    You girls keep it up!!