November 13, 2009

today I am thankful for...


I am thankful that I am here today and I can correct the way I acted yesterday.
Hannah and Alanna have been fighting like crazy. In the past they have gotten along great, but the last couple of weeks they can't even be in the same room, let alone the same house. If one looks at the other in the wrong way then oh lord the world is ending. I have lost my cool more than once with the girls. Then later that night when the house is quiet and the kids are sleeping, I think about how my day went and I feel awful about the yelling I did and the multiple "go to your rooms" I screamed at them. I think...why couldn't I have just stopped and looked deeper in the situation without yelling and decide how to stop the fighting. So today, I am doing that. Today I will pause and decide. Today I will not yell but hug my children. Today I will say I love you instead of go to your room.

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  1. Sometimes we all have yelling days...I remember fighting like cats and dogs with my brother. Sounds like a good plan you've got. Hope it helps! :-)