November 11, 2009


I am thankful for being a SAHM. In the past we would stress over the kids being sick and who would stay home with them...Usually it ended up being me because Chris does not get paid if he doesn't work...I would usually take the point or the unpaid day and stay home with the kids..
Being home with the kids now I don't stress as much when they get sick or we are up half the night because they can't breath because they are stuffy.

Ben has a double eye infection and one stuffy cold. On top of teething. Poor baby. He is miserable right now. I sit and hold him and rock him to sleep. Not worrying that the house is dirty or what sort of trouble I will get into because I called off of work. I feel okay that he was up until 1:00 crying because he was so stuffy. I just take a nap with him, and I will clean the house tomorrow when he is feeling better. I now know how blessed and thankful I am that Chris is able to support our family and that I can be home with my babies. I am truly happy in my new job as a full time mom.

I know that staying home with the house and kids is not for everyone, but it was meant for me and I am so grateful that I can do this.

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