December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009, Hello 2010

Its the last day of 2009. My one word that sums this year up is fast. The year just seemed to fly by. Every night before I would crawl in bed, I would think, and heres to another day..
Here is a summary of how our family spent this past year.
January, I was still stressing out because Chris did not have a job. I was praying that 2009 would bring us closer together as a family and some money to pay the bills.
February, My prayers were answered when within 2 days Chris was offered 2 jobs. We started off slow but by the end of March we were able to catch up all our bills from having no job for 3 months.
March, was a calm month, as I mentioned above we were trying very hard to catch up on our bills so we hung around the house and tried to save our money
April, Chris and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. I also traveled to Florida with the 3 kids, my brother, his girlfriend and their daughter Kylee to visit my mom and stepdad...Chris couldn't go because he had a new job.
May, Hannah celebrated her 9th birthday, Alanna learned to roller skate and we took the kids camping for the 1st time. I also had my 10 year High school reunion, that I couldn't attend because we were out of town...But WOW 10 years already!
June, We made it through another school year and Hannah joined library camp. We looked forward to this summer so much because I was not prego and not working and could spend lots of time with the kids.
July, We celebrated Bens 1st birthday with a huge water slide in our front yard and it was worth every penny...It was so much fun. We will do it again! I also celebrated my 28th birthday.
August, we were sad to see the summer coming to an end, but also thankful. I took the kids up north to my dads cabin and spent a week. We seen 2 small black bears on the side of the road..Very neat! Took the kids out on the boat and Ben HATED every second of it.
September, my mom and stepdad came to visit..We LOVE it when they visit so very much.
October, carried over my moms and stepdads vacation with us. We got to do a fun corn maze and hay ride with them. Took the kids trick or treating and they had a blast! I also got back in touch with some friends from high school. So happy to have them in my life again.
November, flew by in a blink. We celebrated many birthdays this month including Alanna's 4th at McDonalds. Thanksgiving was delicious as usual!
December, we could actually afford Christmas presents for our children this year since Chris had a job. Watching the kids tear open all the presents was the best feeling in the world.

It really was a crazy year, since I wrote it out like that. It makes me realize that there were some goals we met and some things that never were touched.
  • I need to relax more. Work on not losing my temper and keeping my patients longer
  • To listen to the kids better, and not just say "No" because its the easy thing to say.
  • To save money better. Chris is supposed to take his own taxes out of his checks and we were really good about it the beginning half of the year and not so good the second half...Now we owe for taxes. So saving money is a big one!
  • I want to not take my husband for granted so much. We get caught up in the day to day that I forget how good I really have it. (he doesn't go tot he bar, he works so I can stay home, he doesn't drink, and his key to relaxing is playing his video games, he doesn't complain when I shop and we have no money, and he LOVES my cooking.) I think I have it pretty good. I tend to forget that when I am angry at him.
  • I want to keep in touch better. Sometimes I feel like I am such a bad friend. I suck at calling, I stink at emails and I just plain forget about people sometimes. My goal is to try to call or email my friends at least once a week, or maybe every other week to let them know I was thinking about them.
  • I want to get to Florida for a holiday this year. We were in Florida for Easter last year and it was so awesome being with my mom on a holiday that we usually spent with her before she moved...My ideal vacation would be Christmas next year. I guess this will go to the money saving goal so we will see about this one.
  • Over all I want to be a better person: a wife, a mother, a friend and human.

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