January 20, 2010


I know its been a few days since I posted last. I don't know why I don't write more. I read blogs through blogger so its right there, staring at me to post something..I am on facebook way to many times throughout the day, and I check my email a whopping 80 times an hour. So its not like I don't have the computer time available. Its just been pretty average around here lately. I am having a lot of trouble controlling my yelling reflex. I do good and then get tired and start yelling. I think to myself I should stop, but it makes me feel like I am getting somewhere with the kids when I yell, and in actuality I am not. So I am still working on that. I have it figured I will be working on that until the kids are at least 30...Yes 30 sounds about right.

Alanna is off from school this week. Her preschool does home visits mid year..Sort of a parent/teacher conference my in my home. It went well. They said she was smart and getting better everyday. In the beginning of the year when Alanna wouldn't get her way she would lay on the floor at school and would stay there until she was ready to get up..The teachers would leave her there until she was ready, if you know Alanna, you won't get no where if she is not ready..They said its been awhile since she laid on the floor so, much improvement. Alanna can wrote her name and can recognise almost ALL her letters, and numbers. She is beyond the shapes and colors at this point. I am very proud of her. She is doing so well.

Ben on the other hand, discovered temper tantrums. I think he is working toward the "king" status of temper tantrums. He practices them every 15 minutes...Pretty soon he may even go pro. Hes that good!

Hannah is also working towards being a pro...with her attitude. I say hi, how was school and she replies "FINE OK!" and runs into her room and slams the door. I see her again when its dinner time, but not without the sighs and rolling of the eyes to let me know I interrupted her life and how dare I ask her if she wants to eat dinner with the family.

See I told you its been real average around here..If there isn't rolling of the eyes, screams and temper tantrums coming from my house, then you better worry.

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  1. Love those descriptions!! That's real life and I can kinda see why you might yell! LOL!