January 14, 2010

is it fate?

Our local JoAnn Fabric store is closing, so this morning Ben and I went looking to see what they had left. While there, I started talking to this lady ( she is my age and has 3 kids too). She was asking me what I was looking for because we were in the same area checking out ribbon. I started to tell her how I got this idea to make some headbands and was just checking stuff out. She told me how she has a small business in her home and she makes hair bows and headbands and stuff like that. I started telling her how I made tutus for Halloween and the no sew tie blankets and pillows. She told me she was looking for someone to help her out with making bows and headbands because she has so much going on and she was also looking for someone to buy blankets and tutus from to sell as well. We talked a lot more and exchanged phone#'s. We talked about ourselves and our families and she lives right around the corner from me..

I am really excited about this opportunity to get started. I think this is fate. I have been throwing the idea around with starting an etsy shop or trying to sell some blankets but needed someone to give that push...and here she is..We are going to try to get together tomorrow and see where it takes us. Who knows, she could teach me to make hair bows and I could start my own little business. But if it doesn't work out then I can at least say I tried. I am really excited for this. Wish me luck!


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