January 12, 2010

Still a work in progress

I'm having a very hard time the last couple of weeks. It may be the snow and cold temps, they have been holding me hostage in the house, or it could just be that sometimes I enjoy yelling. I really don't think its the last one, so lets just blame the winter season in Michigan for my heavy moods.
I hate the cold.
I don't want to go anywhere in the cold, I don't like clearing the snow from the car everyday. I don't like worrying about the roads being slippery and I don't like leaving early just to get there late.
I hate the cold.
Its certainly been hard the last couple days with the kids in the house ALL.THE.TIME. To cold to go outside to play, and to cold to go anywhere fun..

One good piece of news..Another one of my 20 in 2010 is getting crossed off soon. Next month Hannah and I will be serving food to the homeless with her 4H group. I am very excited to do this. This has been something I have always wanted to do, and now I get a chance. I also think its a very good experience for Hannah. She is always complaining that she is not allowed to have a phone or to do this or to do that...I hope this will show her we do what we can and sometimes she doesn't get to do everything. (even though most of the time she does)
Once the task is completed I will "bold" out that number. I am very excited.
Also..its not official yet, but I am in the works of planning a bloggy get together this summer. It will be just another number marked off. I am so proud of myself..Almost 4 things in one month that I have accomplished.


  1. You are on a roll. Don't be so hard on yourself about the yelling...you are breaking a habit. That isn't easy!!
    I want to feed the homeless too. Kevin and I have said that when we have kids that we want them to see that to try and keep them from being so spoiled. :-)

  2. And you know I am excited about the summer trip...that goes without saying!!!

  3. Anonymous1/14/2010


    Was just browsing through google and found this forum figured I would sign up and wish you all a happy new years.

    Have a good 2010 !!