February 11, 2010

I think she understands

Growing up, my parents used to tell me that they wanted better for my brother and I, than what they had growing up. I must admit, I was pretty spoiled because of this. I never needed for anything and if I wanted, I usually received.

When I started to have kids, I went through a phase where they had to have all the toys I had growing up, because they were so much fun, plus all the new toys that were out. My children became spoiled VERY fast.
And now because of this I am trying to teach the kids about the less fortunate and how their are some people who don't have homes, and even kids without toys.

Last night Hannah and I had the opportunity to help serve the homeless and under income families dinner. At first Hannah said the people were scary and didn't want to talk to them. I had to explain again that some people don't have homes, they can't shower, wash their clothes and some don't even have clothes to change into. They aren't scary, they are hungry, dirty, and tired.

I think she understands

She now sees differently with her innocent eyes.

She asked how the people became the way they did? I thought about it before trying to explain to a 9 year old. I asked her if she remembered last year when Daddy lost his job and mommy cried alot. I told her we had no money and couldn't pay for our house. I told her we were the lucky ones, because daddy got a job just 2 months later. I also told her that if daddy didn't get that job we wouldn't have been able to stay in our home.
She told me we would have lived with grandma..Yes, I said thats true, but if grandma didn't have a job and she had no home, we wouldn't have any place to go.

I think she understands.

I told her its not always the people fault that they don't have a home. I also reminded her that some people had a home, but couldn't afford to buy food, and had to come eat dinner at the church.

She was quiet on the way home, I let her think.

That night at bedtime, I felt the extra strength go into her hug, and I caught the extra I love you's, she told me she was happy daddy had a job. I smiled and told her me too.

I think she understands.


  1. That is pretty amazing life lesson that she is learning. Way to go.

  2. That is such an invaluable lesson you are giving her!

  3. :) that was a touching post.
    thanks for sharing what you did.