February 10, 2010

Superbowl and snow

Congrats to Cheri who won the QTip giveaway.

We went away last weekend. We stayed with our friends to the West. It was supposed to be a great weekend to hang with friends and watch the superbowl. But thats not how it turned out.

Friday night after everyone was in bed, my girls got the stomach flu. We were up all night, and that woke Ben up, and so he was up all night too. We thought about leaving the next morning, but the girls were already feeling better and so we decided to stick it out. The girls only got sick that night, and I tried to disinfect everything they touched, but it wasn't enough. The last night we were there, our friends son who is Bens age got sick. We came home Monday only to be told that another couple that was there and their daughter got sick, and on Tuesday I found out that a few more people that came to visit were sick too. I feel really bad. We would have never traveled 2 hours away to infect other people if we knew the girls would be sick.

Over all though it was a fun weekend, if you can believe that :)

The last couple days since we have been home we have been resting. Ben has a cold and is coughing. Yesterday I ran to the store to stock up for the 6-10 inches of snow they were predicting..We got the 10 inches. No school.

Its been a rough few days with Ben. He's been hitting. If you tell him no he comes over and hits you...If the girls look at him the wrong way he hits them..He doesn't understand time out and I don;t want to smack his hand for hitting..that just doesn't make sense. So I have been telling him to be nice and I kiss his hand instead. Heres hoping that will work.

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  1. oh no!! It's not like you got people sick on purpose though...it happens!