March 5, 2010

burp cloths and hair clips

They are everywhere, we had a baby born 2 months ago to friends, my cousin had a baby last week, more friends had a baby 2 days ago and another friend is due next month.  With all these babies coming, it has kept me busy trying to be creative and make them all something from my heart!
I came up with this really cute REALLY easy burp cloth (in the picture all the burp cloths are the same size, in the picture, they look different sizes).  I just bought some knit fabric and cut them 12in by 12in and sewed the wrong side out.  I left a little hole to turn it right side out and then stitched by hand to complete.  Its print on one side and black on the other and its modern, not your average pink and purple for a baby girl.  I am giving 2 new babies this sweet gift along with some ever so cute clips.

The green and white bows are for my girls for St Patty's Day..But the pink and black bows are for the new babies.  Each baby will get a big bow attached to a black crochet headband and 2 small clippies.  Just something small to show each new baby we care! 

For the next baby in April, I have a special surprise.  I will show you when I am done with it.


  1. Those are awesome gifts!!

  2. You are doing an AWESOME job Tasha!!! THey are gorgeous!! I may just have to have a girl!!