March 29, 2010

Miley Says Goodbye?

As you all know I have a little Hannah Montana on my hands with Hannah always pretending to be a super star.  Hannah Montana has been a regular in our house for a couple years now.  When I got the opportunity to see the season finale before it came to TV, my little Hannah was super excited.  Following her big sister, Alanna was more than thrilled when she came home from school to see the movie siting on the table waiting to be watched.

The DVD contains all the episodes from the season so if you missed an episode or have a favorite you can catch up or watch it over and over.  I usually sit down with my girls to watch TV together but there were a few episodes I missed so we caught up together. 

The finale episode, Miley is having dreams about Blue Jeans (her horse) talking to her.  She then realizes that she is having these crazy dreams because she is missing Tennessee.  She tells her dad she wants to move back "home".  After letting that decision sink in Miley realizes that she will be leaving many things including her best friend Lily.  Miley is torn with the urge to go home and the urge to stay where she is.  Will she leave Hannah Montana behind?  That I won't tell you, you have to watch the ending to see for yourself.

Hannah Montana is shown on the Disney channel and you can also find the the season 3 finale along with the entire season on the DVD Miley Says Goodbye?  on sale now in stores.

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