April 1, 2010

The one where I talk about how busy I am, but know its all worth it in the end

I know that I am neglecting this blog here.  I have a lot going on at home.  Its big news for you, my readers and many more.  I'm not ready to share the details yet, but feel free to try to guess. 
There could be a prize if you are the lucky one.

Spring break for the girls starts tomorrow.  That may or may not mean more neglect for the blog.  Depends on how tired I am.  We have something planned for everyday of spring break.  This will be the 1st spring break in 2 years we haven't went to Florida.  It makes me sad to have to wait to see my mom, step-dad, sister and my beautiful nephew Brody..But they are coming up here VERY SOON, and so our trip to Florida this year is being pushed to Christmas time!
Here is a run down on our plans for next week.  If you would like to join us, give us a call.  We always love being with our friends!

Friday- Dye Easter eggs with Sarah and do a pizza lunch, then we are heading out to some friends house for the weekend.
Saturday- Have fun playing in the 75 degree weather with lots of land for the kids to run around.
Sunday- Happy Easter (spending it with friends this year, they are just like family to us)
Monday-Picnic lunch at the park
Tuesday-The zoo, with more friends
Wednesday-Grocery shopping-have to squeeze it in there somewhere
Thursday- Lunch Bunch Playdate, and lunch with Grandma
Friday- Ice Skating
Saturday- Maybe going to Splash Universe (indoor waterpark near our home)
Sunday- RELAXING, what a busy spring break we have planned


  1. You are starting your own craft business??? And, it's called Crafty Momma!!!
    Don't hold out, tell! what is going on?

  2. As long as you post once in a while with all the great news that happened in your life... I think we're all happy :)