April 7, 2010

Playing catch up

I tried to catch up on all the facebook posts and blog posts from the last 6 days, but its impossible.  The kids and I have been non stop since last Friday with more planned for the remaining of the week.  A quick run down

Friday-dyed eggs with Sarah, left for out of town
Saturday&Sunday-out of town.
Sunday-BBQ at the inlaws
Monday-picnic at the park, clean out the shed, walk with the kids and store to buy lunch food for the zoo
Tuesday-ALLLLLL day at the zoo, store to by Alanna new shoes since hers broke at the zoo
Wednesday-laundry, laundry, laundry, brother, SIL and Kylee over for dinner
Thursday-Lunch Bunch, lunch with MIL
Friday either ice skating or a visit to the local dairy farm (we aren't sure yet what we are doing)
Saturday& Sunday are still open...but we were thinking something along the line of either an indoor water park or out of town to friends house again...But either way it will be LOTS of fun

Im also trying to spend as much time off the computer as possible.  Not worrying whats in my inbox or the latest update on facebook.  It was pretty hard the first day but now I'm just enjoying the time with the kids.

**Lori, I will get your prize out next week.  I'm sorry I am just so busy this week.  I will send you pictures so you can tell me which one you want.**


  1. Enjoy the kiddo's for Spring Break...we all need technology breaks from time to time!
    Love ya!

  2. Yay!!! Sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!! I vote for the farm tomorrow!