July 13, 2010

catching up, part 5, July 9-11, 2010

This past weekend Chris, me, Alanna and Ben (Hannah is still in Florida with my mom) drove up north Michigan close to Mackinac Island for family camping.  The main reason for the trip was to spread my mother in laws ashes in Lake Michigan as she had requested we do as a family. 

We packed up out tent and supplies and ventured on the 6 hour drive up north.  After 10 hours to North Carolina, we flt like pros.  The kids were so good in the car ride and all weekend.  We played on the beach, sat at the campfire and ate some smores.  It was one of the best vacation weekends ever. 

Saturday afternoon, Chris, his 3 brothers and his step sister rode kyacks out to the Lake and spread her ashes.  They said it was a beautiful sight.  The rest of us sat on the beach watching.  I remember sitting there holding Ben as he sleeps, looking into the sky, and thinking you did this...You brought the whole family together and that is what you loved the most.  The day was beautiful and no words can describe how blue the water actually was.  I watched Alanna dip her toes in the water and I felt complete...complete as a mom and complete as a person. Oh and on the 2nd picture of the sun...I did not change my camera setting to black and white...Thats how the camera captured it.  crazy!

On Sunday, after check out we all decided to go over the Mackinac Bridge.  Living in Michigan for almost 29 years and I have never been to the U.P.  I was so scared at first.  Bridges are my biggest fear.  I have dreams several times that I am falling off a bridge into rough water below and I always wake up crying.  But I wanted to be brave for my family.  The bridge is crazy!  The water so beautiful and the side rails are almost non existant..meaning you can look out your car window and see straight down to the water.  SO SCARY!!.  All the pics below were takin from the passenger side of my van...with the window rolled up...Just see what I mean!

While in the U.P we decided to grab some lunch at Timmy Lee's Pub.  It was on the side of the road and we were hungry.  The food was so yummy!  The kids meals were served on frisbees with an outline of the U.P and a star showing where you were...they loved it.  Chris had some baked white fish and it was HUGE!  I of course stuck with the bacon cheeseburger.  On the menu was the brokeback burger...Make sure you read the description of the meal...too funny!

After lunch we were on our way back home from one awesome weekend.  I think the family has decided to get together every year near Lake Michigan so we can always say hello to our mother, grandmother, mother in law, and best friend.  As long as I can dip my toes in the Lake and say I love you, I know she will be with me forever.  It was a trip Jan would have been proud of...Her favorite thing was to have the whole family together and that is what we did....for us and for her <3

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