July 13, 2010

catching up, part 4, 4th of July weekend

Here is another busy month.  I'm not complaining because its been a very adventurous summer, and the memories we are making are awesome, but I am ready for a small break. 

July 1-5
In May while my mom was visiting I made the comment that I wish she lived 1 day away driving by car instead of 2, because then we would be able to see each other more often. 
Well I guess that got my mom thinking because sometime in June she called and asked if Hannah could come to Florida with her for a few weeks in July.  My first reaction was NO...my baby is not flying in a plane all by herself.  Then my mom explained "the plan"
The plan was we would meet in North Carolina, at my uncles house, and stay the weekend.  At the end of the weekend she would take Hannah to Florida with her....Then in a few weeks we would meet up again and do it all over...except Hannah would come home with me this time.

It sounded like a great plan and so the planning started. 
Friday July 2nd, Me, Hannah, Ben, Alanna, my other uncle and my cousin drove 10 hours to my other uncles house and stayed the weekend.  North Carolina is so beautiful.   We visited a waterfall and swam a little, Seen a house built from rocks in 1765 (or something like that) we ate Mexican and hung out with family...The kids got to see my grandma, GiGi they her.  Then we went to an outside car cruise with vendors and a band.  It was FUN.  Since it was 4th of July weekend and we didn't get to see fireworks, my stepdad bought the kids glow sticks.  THEY LOVED THEM.  they were like little ravers, haha!

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  1. I am slowly getting caught up! Those are great pics!! LOVE the waterfall!