July 13, 2010

Catching up Part 3, June

After everything started to calm down and life got back to the "normal" I tried to stay busy so I wouldn't think about much.  I started cleaning the house and before I knew it, the whole laundry room was gutted and cleaned along with several corners in the house.  Alanna's tball games began and they were just as much fun as practice. Until it was time to be in the field, then Alanna would end up on her butt in the rocks playing.  Her coach makes her run the bases for playing in the rocks.  But she enjoys the running, so its a lose situation for the coach, hehe. 

A few weekends later Chris had his company picnic.  The Repo Rodeo, they call it.  There was a clown, bounce house, lots of food, games/prizes and much more.  Chris won second place in the rodeo...The drives had to drive the tow truck through a maze of cones, to a parked car and get the VIN #, then they had to go back and tell the person the VIN # and they were timed...

The kids had a great time.  They loved the balloon animals and the fun prizes they got.  YoYo's, plastic snakes and lots of candy.  The bounce house of course was the favorite.

We also tried spending our days outside to keep busy.  Lots of trips to the park and library over the weeks.  Different parks with friends, and picnics outside. 

 Before we knew it, the end of June was here.  With all the cleaning I had done, we had lots of stuff to donate/sell.  We decided to have a garage sale.  The garage sale was at Chris' dad/stepmoms house and it was ok.  We didn't get a whole lot of traffic, but it got most of the stuff out of the house and the rest was donated.  The money from the garage sale will be enough to redo our master bedroom, and bathroom. 

By the end of June we were so used to being busy that it hasn't stopped yet. 
stay tuned for part 4, July.
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