July 13, 2010

Catching you up, May1-May 23, 2010, part 1

I don't know where to begin.  The last month and a half has been a blur.  So many times I sat down to write and I just couldn't face the truth.  So many thoughts are in my head its hard to push them out on the keyboard.

I guess we can start at the beginning. 

So many things happened in May.
May 1-May 31, 2010
We started out with Tball for Alanna.  It didn't start well and its still going on...not well. She didn't like practice at first because she didn't know anyone.  Then she met a girl Brooklyn and things were going fine.  Alanna loves to bat.  She always hits it on the first try, and she is a FAST runner.  She named herself Alanna "the roadrunner" King in the start of the season.  However she HATES the field.  She gets so bored that she sits on the bench or plays in the rocks.  In reality I don't think baseball is for her and we probably won't do it again...We have a few more games to go and then we are DONE!

Next up in May was Hannah's spring concert.  She was so proud to be up on stage signing with her class.  She said that the songs they were signing was above her 4th grade level and that her teacher Mr V was so proud of them.  Her mommy was proud too...
Hanna's 10th birthday party for her friends came next.  She wanted a sleep over and then we decided to do an ice cream social for the fun activity.  We bought ice cream and then had every ice cream topping you could think of...cherries, whip cream, nuts, sprinkles, bananas, pineapple, chocolate, and even marshmellos...and so much more.  There were about 10 girls here and surprisingly there was no fighting and no crying, hehe. 

The friend party was the weekend before Hannah's actual birthday.  She had no idea about the birthday present I had in store for her.   You see, my mom got this great idea to come visit us in Michigan during Hannah's birthday, and since she would be here for her birthday why not surprise Hannah.  So the plan was Hannah thought my mom, stepdad, stepsister and my nephew Brody would be here in June.  Little did she know that at her birthday party with her friends my mom was in Michigan.  They visited my other step sister and my stepdads mom for the weekend and then when Hannah came home from school on Tuesday my mom called her.  Hannah went into her room "to get some privacy" and then my mom came in the house.  I went and knocked on Hannah's door and told her she had a friend at the door and when Hannah came out....she seen my mom.   She ran so fast and started hugging my mom...Hannah started crying, my mom cried and of course I cried...It was an awesome surprise for Hannah.

The family stayed for the rest of the weekend and then we had to say good bye...It was a great visit and I got to meet my gorgeous little nephew for the first time!!!  ( and if you remember my goals for 2010...meeting Brody is now crossed of the list.)

During the family visiting, Alanna had her last day of preschool.  The kids and teachers put on an ice cream social for the families and then passed out certificates.  Alanna enjoyed preschool so much this year, that all she has been talking about lately is kindergarten.  She tells me that she misses her friends all the time, and hopes to see them in school in the fall.

Well this gets us through May 23.  More events to occur, but they deserve their own post.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of May...May 23-May31, 2010

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  1. I remember the beginning of the baseball drama...I would much rather bat than be in the field too! ha!! All this talk of ice cream socials makes me want to go get some ice cream!!